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Next Club Meeting:
Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Tonight we will be holding our fourth 3 section competition – “Something Blue” and Open which will be judged by Mike Cowling ARPS.

Previous Meetings and other news:

Tuesday 20th March 2018
Jim Price DPAGB BPE5* EFIAP/b gave members a presentation on Lightroom for beginners.  Although quite few people were already proficient in using Lightroom, some of the information Jim gave us was different and the presentation was very helpful to members who were unsure about using Lightroom.
Tuesday 6th March 2018
East Ipswich Camera Club hosted this year’s Suffolk Rose Bowl interclub competition between us, Felixstowe Photographic Society and Wickham Market Photographic Club.  Derek Leak DPAGB BPE3* judged the competition and was very complementary about the standard of prints and digital images from all clubs.  The result was very close this year with Felixstowe just managing to win the Rose Bowl again with 298 points.  East Ipswich were in second place with 297 points and Wickham Market in third place with 276 points.  The award for best print went to Kevin Marrable for “Mary” and Malcolm Bumstead won the award for best digital image with “Time to Turn the Page”.

EAF - Inter-Club DPI and Print Championships
Report by Fred Price DPAGB BPE5* EFIAP/b
"On 4th February we contested the EAF PDI Championships at Fulbourn, Cambridgshire.  The 1st round consists of 15 images and this year there were 37 clubs from around the East Anglian Federation taking part.  At the end of the 1st round the top 14 clubs are invited to take part in the Final.  East Ipswich scored 178 points and came 7th and therefore progressed to the Final.
As well as finding a winner who would represent the EAF at the PAGB Championships in July, there was an award for the best overall image and 3 awards for the favourite image of each of the selectors.  One of our PDI’s, “Molly’s Nightmare” by Malcolm Bumstead, scored 15 (the maximum) and was picked by one of the judges, Rikki O’Neill, as his favourite. 
The Final consists of another 10 pictures from the best clubs and at the end of this session we had scored 287 points finishing the day in 11th place. 
One month later on 4th March we took part in the EAF Print Championships, also at Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire.  Once again we had to produce 15 prints for the 1st round and we were up against 28 other clubs.  This time 11 clubs were to take part in the final, unfortunately we ended up in 17th place with 165 points.
As a club we should be proud of ourselves, we have done very well at both Championships, we just have to have another go next year, maybe we can do even better."
Tuesday 6th February 2018
Peter Norris AFIAP DPAGB BPE4* was the judge for this year’s East Ipswich Challenge which 18 members entered.  There was a good variety of panels and Peter gave some constructive feedback about the images and how they worked, or didn’t work, as a panel.
The results were:
1st: “1940’s Portraits” by Granville Foulger, 2nd: “Beauty in Decay” by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: “Dinosaurs” by Pau Oakley
Merits: “Wildlife in my garden” by Jim Price and “Horse Shoeing at the Suffolk Show” by Beverley de Boos
Shortlisted: “Japan: a place of contrasts” by Anthony Corkhill, “Faces in odd places” by Kevin Marrable and “Chain of War” by Lana Sewell.

Tuesday 6th February 2018
Howard King was the judge for our round of this year’s Mersea Island Challenge.  We saw some superb images from the other clubs in our group and after Howard’s judging the results for our group were:
Wakefield CC and North Norfolk PS both had 87.5 points; Colchester PS had 85 points; XRR PS had 80 points; East Ipswich CC had 79.5 points and Dingwall CC had 78.5 points.
Tuesday 16th January 2018
The judge for our third 3 section competitions, “Still Life” and “Open” was Steve Barham.  As well as telling several of his anecdotes, Steve gave some useful tips, particularly about lighting the images and the results were:
1st: "Black Swan Vase” by Vivien Hartill; 2nd: "Purple Display" by Vivien Hartill; 3rd: "Shadows” by Teresa Marrable. 
Merits: “Heart in Heart” by Svetlana Sewell, "Exotic Flowers” and “Trolls” by David Key. 
Shortlisted: Squeeze me” by Jan Garrett; “Vanitas et Scientia” by Nick Flores; “Aerating the Burgundy” by Kevin Marrable, “Me and my Shadows” by Anne Ward; “Pink Glasses” and “Broccoli Tree” by Zoë Hartill
1st: "Time to turn the page" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: " Anemones" by Granville Foulger; 3rd: "Anglo Saxon Helmet" by David Key. 
Merits: "Oranges and Lemons" by Paul Oakley; “Peace” by Fred Price, "Watercolour" by Moira Ellice, “Gentle Love” and “Missing Girl” by Svetlana Sewell.  
Shortlisted: “Ikebana” by Granville Foulger; Balance” by Teresa Marrable, Dusty Bin” by Tony Wooderson and “Vanitas” by Malcolm Bumstead.
"Dedham Vale" by Granville Foulger; 2nd: "The Distant Stare” Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: "Hot dogs" by Jim Price. 
Merits: “Watching” by Fred Price” “Great Little Cigarette” by Jim Price, “Hong Kong Butcher” by Alan Waters and “Tough as Old Boots” by Tony Wooderson
Shortlisted: “Orford Lighthouse” by Brian Goad; “Mary” by Kevin Marrable, “New Goalie for the Rams” by Fred Price, and Deep, deep in the mountains” by Svetlana Sewell
Tuesday 2nd January 2018
Clare was the location for this year’s Picture Trail competition.  This year only ten members submitted sets of six digital images which were judged by the club members.  As usual there was a bit of repetition but several people had a different angle on subjects and there were a few pictures of things that only one or two people had spotted.  Paul Oakley was the winner this year with 1107 points, Granville Foulger was in second place with 1053 points and in third place was David Key with 986 points. 

Only two people entered the AV competition this season and “Landguard Fort” by Granville Foulger was voted by members as the best one.  “Perspective” by Lee Miles was in 2nd place and “the Lakes” by Granville Foulger was in 3rd place. 
Tuesday 5th December 2017
The judge for our second 3 section competitions, “Three of a Kind” and “Open” was Andy Wilson LRPS.  The number of images was quite low this week but Andy gave us some useful comments about our work and the results were:
1st: "Cromer, three row boats” by Tony Wooderson; 2nd: "Sweet Chestnuts" by Jan Garrett; 3rd: "Three shades of blue” by Jim Davies
Merits: "Sweet Old Corn” by Svetlana Sewell
1st: "Room with a View" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "Going, going, gone" by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: "Votes for Women" by Jim Price.
Merits: "By the Quayside" by Tim Keenan and “Whoopers taking off” by Fred Price.  
Shortlisted: “The 1940’s Ladies” by Granville Foulger and “Ladies loos 1 2 3” by Jim Price
1st: "Dedham Vale" by Granville Foulger; 2nd: "The Handshake” by Anthony Corkhill; 3rd: "Colour Corolla" by Svetlana Sewell. Merits: “Spiritual Guidance” by Malcolm Bumstead, and “Industrial Revolutions” by Chris Baldry
Tuesday 21st November 2017
Sarah Kelman ARPS DPAGB was the judge for this year’s “Ruby Chalice” an interclub competition against Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society.  After Sarah’s excellent judging and helpful comments, the scores were added up and once again Bury St Edmunds won the trophy.  “Silver Harvest” by Chris Madden of Bury St Edmunds won the award for best print and “Molly’s Nightmare” by Malcolm Bumstead of East Ipswich won the award for best PDI.
Tuesday 7th November 2017
We were very pleased to welcome back Frank Blyth, CPAGB BPE1* to judge this year’s Skylark Salver and Creative Eye Trophy competitions.  After giving some humorous comments and helpful critique on our images Frank gave the following awards:
1st: "Mating Frogs" by Jim Price; 2nd: "Redshanks" by Andy Mills; 3rd "Otter" by Fred Price
Merits: “Brown Hare” and “Green Woodpecker” by Brian Goad, “Coot skating on ice” by Jim Price and “Funnel web spider with prey” by Fred Price
Shortlisted: “Aleksander, Sergei and friends” by Nick Flores, “Red Admiral” by Richard Ford, “Red Panda” by Zoë Hartill, “Red Kite” by Teresa Marrable, “Coot with Nesting Material” by Fred Price and “Great Crested Grebe with Perch” by Jim Price.
Creative Eye:
1st: "Molly’s Nightmare" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: “The Persistence of Memory” by Paul Oakley; 3rd “Three Steps to Heaven” by Malcolm Bumstead
Merits: “Land of the Dragon” by Granville Foulger, “Minister of Fisheries” and “A Fine Kettle of Fish by Fred Price
Shortlisted: “Grasshopper” by Moira Ellice
Tuesday 17th October 2017
We thoroughly enjoyed Kevin Sawford’s inspirational talk ‘An East Anglian Wildlife Photographer’s Year’.  There were a variety of images from butterflies to seals and Kevin talked about the different ways that we might be able to take such photographs ourselves.  In our gardens, Kevin suggested putting some kind of prop near the bird feeders to encourage birds to pose for us.  Kevin also advised taking practice shots to make sure the camera settings were correct and then waiting for the creatures to arrive where we wanted them. It was made clear in Kevin’s talk that we don’t need to travel to exotic places to be able to photograph wildlife as the opportunities are all around us.  We may not have the patience that Kevin does but we just need to get out there and look. 
Tuesday 3rd October 2017
The judge for our first competition of the season, “Open” was Joan Jordan ARPS.  Joan gave us some helpful advice about improving our work where needed and the results were:
1st: "Swallows Fall” by Svetlana Sewell; 2nd: "Hornet mimic" by Andy Mills; 3rd: "Home for the night” by Kevin Marrable. 
Merits: "Twilight at Salford Quays” by Nick Flores, “The Port, old and new” by Richard Ford.

1st: "Dreamy Autumn" by Svetlana Sewell; 2nd: "Dunstanburgh Castle at Sunrise" by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: "Line out in the snow" by Jim Price. 
Merits: "Guru" by Lee Miles and “A frosty morning” by Granville Foulger.
1st: "Fishermen’s Cottages" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "Lost City” by Svetlana Sewell; 3rd: "Low tide at Woodbridge" by Granville Foulger. 
Merits: “The End of the Tunnel” by Malcolm Bumstead, and “A cold and frosty morning” by Granville Foulger.

Tuesday 19th September 2017
Malcolm Bumstead gave some advice on the best way to back prints so they looked good when displayed at the club and were less likely to damage any other prints when stacked on the table or in a box.
Malcolm also gave a very interesting presentation on how he sets up some of his “Still Life” photographs.  He showed the different ways he used lighting as well as some ideas about setting up the items to be photographed.  Hopefully members were inspired to try out some of the ideas themselves. 

Tuesday 5th September 2017
On our first evening we viewed the images from the Ipswich Waterfront evening walkabout.  Sixteen people entered images from the evening and members voted for those they liked best in each category.  In the final set there were 4 images from Malcolm, 3 each from Moira and Kevin, 2 each from Anthony, Granville, Teresa and Andy and 1 each from Chris, Nick and Jim Price.
Saturday 2nd September
On Saturday 2nd September we held an exhibition of members prints and projected digital images.  The day was quite well attended and several visitors left some very complimentary comments.  This year we asked visitors to vote for their favourite print and favourite pdi.  Malcolm’s print of Fairfield Church and Granville’s pdi of Autumn in the Forest had most votes.  The raffle prize of a framed print of orchids by Malcolm Bumstead was won by Brian Goad.
Here are a couple of pictures taken at the exhibition by Paul de Boos


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