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Next Club Meeting:
Tuesday 5th September 2017
Tonight we will hold the first meeting of our 2017-18 season when we will be viewing member’s images from the evening walkabout in July.we will have our evening walkabout which this year is Ipswich Waterfront..

Previous Meetings and other news:

Saturday 2nd September
On Saturday 2nd September we will be holding an exhibition of members prints and digital projected images.  This will be open to the public from 10:30 to 16:00.

Tuesday 18th July 2017
Twenty-five members came along for our walk-about around Ipswich Waterfront area.  We look forward to seeing their interpretations of the various subjects when we meet in September.
Tuesday 4th July 2017
The AGM was attended by twenty-seven members and one prospective member.  Our Honorary President Granville Foulger presented the trophies to this year's winners.
As well as the various people already detailed below, the Photographer of the Year trophy was awarded to Malcolm Bumstead.  Jim Price was in second place and Svetlana Sewell came in third.
Tuesday 20th June 2017
We had a good evening competing against Harwich & Dovercourt Camera Club in our annual battle for the Matthew’s Shield which was judged by Vic Hainsworth ARPS DPAGB.  The scores were East Ipswich 422 and Harwich & Dovercourt 417 which meant that we won the Shield for the fourth year running.  The best colour print award went to Paul Andrews of Harwich & Dovercourt for “Eroding Sea Defences”.  Jim Price of East Ipswich won the best digital image award for “Leopard in evening light”.
Tuesday 6th June 2017
Colin Westgate FRPS DPAGB MFIAP was the judge for this year’s Chairman’s and President’s Cup competitions.  Considering there were about 90 images, Colin did a great job, making sure he commented on each one before scoring.  The results were:
Deben Winners Cup 
1st:  "Trigger” by Kevin Marrable; 2nd: "Broken Mirror Man” by Vivien Hartill; 3rd: "Under Orwell Bridge” by Jan Garrett
Orwell Winners Cup 
1st: “Loneliness" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "Horses at Sutton" by Brian Goad; 3rd: "Golden Lion Tamarin” by Richard Ford
Stour Winners Cup 
1st: “Just in Black" by Paul Oakley; 2nd: "Homeward bound" by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: "It's a man's game “ by Jim Price

Deben Merits Cup 
1st: "Blowing the Feathers” by Teresa Marrable; 2nd:  "Pontoon"  by Paul de Boos; 3rd: "Showy Peacock" by Bev de Boos
Orwell Merits Cup 
1st: "Hamish" by Fred Price; 2nd: "The Millennium People" by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: "Lilac Breasted Roller" by Jim Price
Stour Merits Cup 
1st: “Decaying Pier” by Granville Foulger; 2nd: “Gert and Daisy” by Jim Price; 3rd: “Winston's Room" by Jim Price
Tuesday 16th May 2017
Alan Sarsby was the judge for the last of this year’s themed competitions: “People”.
The results were:
1st: "Broken Mirror Man” by Vivien Hartill; 2nd: “Beautiful Spirit of a Blind Woman" by Svetlana Sewell; 3rd: "Selfie time” by Nick Flores. 
Merits: “Steam Punk woman” by Vivien Hartill, "Blowing the Feathers” by Teresa Marrable and "Old Pals" by Harold Ward. 
1st: " Hanging on" by Moira Ellice; 2nd: "Aiesha” by Granville Foulger; 3rd: "Passing the bus queue" by Fred Price. 
Merits: “Mrs Briggs” by Granville Foulger, “Look into my eyes” by Svetlana Sewell, “Medic on the Front Line” by Jim Price, “Medals and Dress Uniform” by Richard Ford and "The Millennium People" by Malcolm Bumstead.
1st: "No time to stop and stare" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "Just in Black" by Paul Oakley; 3rd: "Homeward bound" by Malcolm Bumstead.  
Merits: “Mrs Clopton" by Granville Foulger, “Oliver” by Caroline Horne and “Gert and Daisy” by Jim Price.

Tuesday 2nd May 2017
The judge for this year’s Black and White Challenge was Frank Blyth, CPAGB BPE1 who gave some very helpful critique where needed and was generally very complementary about the prints presented.
The results were:
Open section
1st: “Avenged” by Fred Price; 2nd: “Gotcha” by Jim Price; 3rd: “Sutton Horses” by Brian Goad
Merits: “Mind the Step” by David Key and “Sign of the times” by Granville Foulger
Set subject “At the Seaside”
1st: “Gone Fishing” by Anthony Corkhill; 2nd: “Beach Property” by Granville Foulger; 3rd: “Sea Defence” by Granville Foulger
Merits: “Low tide, Southend on Sea” by Moira Ellice and “Lucas woz here” by Kevin Marrable
Tuesday 18th April 2017
Sarah Kelman ARPS DPAGB was the judge for this year’s Granville Foulger Trophy competition between us, Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society, Manningtree and District Photographic Society, Stowmarket and District Camera Club and Woodbridge Camera Club.  Yet again Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society were the winners.  Svetlana Sewell won the award for best print with “Police Aware” and Kerr Clement of Bury St Edmunds won the best DPI award with "Gangsters Moll".
Thursday 13th April 2017
This year’s Tripod Competition against Framlingham Camera Club and Halesworth Camera Club at Brandeston (hosted by Framlingham) was judged by Frank Blyth, CPAGB BPE1.  We managed to win the trophy for the fifth year running with Framlingham CC in second place this year and Halesworth CC in third place.  “Drifting” by a member of Halesworth won the best DPI award and the award for best print went to Malcolm Bumstead for his picture “Loneliness”.
Tuesday 11th April 2017
The Final of the Mersea Island Challenge took place at Ivybridge in Devon and was judged by Sheila Haycox ARPS MPAG/AV, EFIAP.  This year we came in joint first place with Colchester Photographic Society.
Tuesday 4th April 2017
Unfortunately the "still life" set up session had to be postponed until later in the year.  However, Ron gave us a very helpful demonstration of how he does focus stacking.

Tuesday 21st March 2017
Brian Carlick LRPS was the judge for this year’s East Ipswich Challenge which 16 members entered.  There was a good variety of panels and Brian gave some constructive feedback about the images and how they worked, or didn’t work, as a panel.
The results were:
1st: “London Underground” by Malcolm Bumstead, 2nd: “Impressionistic Wave, Southwold” by Moira Ellice; 3rd: “Winter in Tallin” by Anthony Corkhill
Merits: “Street Art” by Fred Price and “Well Known Waterside Landmarks” by Brian Goad.

Tuesday 7th March 2017
Local portrait artist Annabel Mednick gave a demonstration of how she produced a portrait using charcoal.  Lane was the model for the evening and Annabel talked about how the light affected the shapes and contours.  Our members thoroughly enjoyed this different and informative evening.


Tuesday 21st February 2017
Our fourth themed competition, “Landscapes” was judged by Gill Adams.  There was a good variety of locations with seascapes, cityscapes and traditional landscapes as well as the different seasons for Gill to look at.
The results were:
1st: "Melting Away” by Svetlana Sewell; 2nd: Hillside Stream" by Jim Davies; 3rd: "Emerald Lake, Canada” by David Key. 
Merits: "Winter Landscape” by Teresa Marrable and "Last Ray of Sunshine" by Richard Ford
1st: " Brimham Rocks" by Richard Ford; 2nd: "Stour Sunrise at Minus 5” by Alan Waters; 3rd: "Redundant" by Brian Goad. 
Merits: “Orwell Sunrise” by Malcolm Bumstead and "Living in Georgia" by Svetlana Sewell.
1st: "Cold December" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "Red Sky in the Morning " by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: "Woodland" by Caroline Horne.  
Merits: St Ives, Cornwall" by Gordon Lyon, “Golfers” by Paul Oakley and “Inch Strand” by Fred Price.
Tuesday 7th February 2017
Peter Espley was the judge for our round of this year’s Mersea Island Challenge, a competition between ourselves and 5 other clubs from around the country:  Mersea Island, Ivybridge, Dingwall, Rochdale and XRR.  After all images were judged and commented on the final scores left East Ipswich in first place with Lana’s “Police Aware”, Paul Oakley’s “Maelstrom” and Malcolm’s “The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe” all gaining 10 points.

Tuesday 17th January 2017
Christine Hart LRPS was the judge for the third of our themed competitions “Decay”.  Chrissie did great job of judging, pointing out where various improvements could be made to our photographs
The results were:
1st: "Burnt Out” by Svetlana Sewell; 2nd: "Not all it’s cracked up to be" by Teresa Marrable; 3rd: "Dead tree on the beach” by Alan Waters. 
Merits: "Left to Rot” by Bev de Boos and "Boat Graveyard" by Granville Foulger.. 
1st: "One Bad Apple" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "Boat Graveyard” by Jim Price; 3rd: "The Last Resting Place" by Malcolm Bumstead. 
Merits: “Layers” by Brian Goad and "Still Decaying" by Gordon Lyon.
1st: "Sun Flowers" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "Vanitas " by Paul Oakley; 3rd: " Fungi on Rotting Log " by Andrew Cook.  
Merits: " Ready for Fire " by Svetlana Sewell and “Decaying Pier” by Granville Foulger.
Tuesday 3rd January 2017
Fred and Jim Price gave an interesting presentation: "What's the difference between a camera club and exhibition print". They said that the main difference is that prints for exhibitions needed the ‘wow factor’.   Fred explained how exhibition judging worked and that the judges do not get a chance to really look at an image but have to make an instant decision.  Two groups of members acted as judges for the same prints and scores were quite different for some of them giving an example of judges having quite different opinions of what constitutes a good image. In a club competition the judge can look closely at the prints or digital images so might then have a completely different opinion than at first glance. . 
Tuesday 6th December 2016
The second of our 3 section themed competitions – “High Key, Low Key” was judged by David Jordan FRPS.  As usual David gave some good comments and helpful advice both about the images themselves and about how prints should be mounted.
The results were:
1st: "Trigger” by Kevin Marrable; 2nd: "Little Chickadee" by Teresa Marrable; 3rd: "Glass of Milk” by Gordon Lyon.
Merits: "Distant Church” by Jim Davies, "Pontoon" by Paul de Boos and "Low Key Portrait" by Zoë Hartill. 
1st: "the Origami Factory" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "The Glare” by Jim Price; 3rd: "Horses at Sutton" by Brian Goad.  
Merits: “Isabella” by Ron Parker and "Hamish" by Fred Price.
1st: "Three Candles" by Alan Waters; 2nd: "Lady S" by Svetlana Sewell; 3rd: "Cardinal in the snow" by Teresa Marrable
Merits: "The Abandoned Warehouse" by Malcolm Bumstead, "The Master Race" by Fred Price and " Smokey Joe " by Jim Price and “Barn Door” by Svetlana Sewell.
Tuesday 15th November 2016
From the Orwell Bridge down to Shotley Gate was the location for this year’s Picture Trail competition.  Seventeen members submitted sets of six digital images which were judged by the club members.  As usual there was a bit of repetition but several people had a different angle on subjects and there were a few pictures of things that only one or two people had spotted.  Granville Foulger was the winner this year with 1480 points, Moira Ellice was in second place with 1455 points and in third place was Donald Jinks with 1449 points.
Six people entered the AV competition this season and “Here come the Pigs” by Malcolm Bumstead was voted by members as the best one.  “The Lake District” by Granville Foulger was in 2nd place and “Woodbridge in the mist” by Kevin Marrable was in 3rd place.  
Thursday 15th November 2016
The Ruby Chalice competition was hosted by Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society and judged by Gerry Metcalfe, DPAGB.  Bury managed to win the trophy by just 2 points. However, the award for best dpi went to Paul Oakley of East Ipswich for "Maelstrom" and the best print award went to Lana Sewell of East Ipswich for her print "Helios descending" AKA "Police Aware".
Tuesday 1st November 2016
We had a very interesting presentation by Malcolm Bumstead BPE2* DPAGB: “The Creative Side of Me”. 

Tuesday 18th October 2016
We were very pleased to welcome Howard King to judge this year’s Skylark Salver and Creative Eye Trophy competitions.  It was the first time Howard had judged for us and after giving some helpful critique on our images he gave the following awards:
1st: "Leopard in evening light" by Jim Price; 2nd: "Stonechat" by Fred Price; 3rd "Camera Shy" by Svetlana Sewell
Merits: “Wise Old Owl” by Granville Foulger, “Coot skating on ice” by Jim Price and “Funnel web spider with prey” by Fred Price
Creative Eye:
1st: "Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: “Our mysterious past” by Fred Price; 3rd “Old Man of the Sea” by Gordon Lyon
Merits: “Ice cold sunflower” by Moira Ellice, “Boxed in” by Tim Keenan, ”Georgie and the Dragon” by Fred Price
Tuesday 4th October 2016
Will Cheung’s FRPS came along and gave his talk “My Passion for Photography”.  Both members and guests really enjoyed Will’s talk and found it very inspiring with several ideas for everyday photography projects.

Monday 3rd October 2016
At the five-way interclub competition for Harwich & Dovercourt Camera Club's 60th Anniversary which was judged by Barbie Lindsay MPAGB EFIAP/b FBPE, 
East Ipswich CC won both the trophy for prints and the trophy for DPI's. 
Tuesday 20th September 2016
John Wrigley was the judge for this year’s “Open” competition.  
The results were:
1st: "Hairy Dragonfly” by Alan Waters; 2nd: "White Water" by Paul de Boos; 3rd: "Under Orwell Bridge” by Jan Garrett.
Merits: "Coastguard Cottages” by Anthony Corkhill, “Final Resting Place” by Jim Davies, "Showy Peacock" by Bev de Boos and "Castle Stairway" by Vivien Hartill. 
Joint 1st: "Loneliness" by Malcolm Bumstead and "Where the sky meets the sea" by Jim Price; 2nd: "Passing Storm” by Granville Foulger; 3rd: "Golden Lion Tamarin" by Richard Ford.  
Merits: “Lobster Pots” by Malcolm Bumstead, "Driving Rain" by Moira Ellice, "Lilac Breasted Roller" by Jim Price and "The Edge of Dark and Light" by Svetlana Sewell.
1st: "It's a man's game" by Jim Price; 2nd: "Airborne jet ski champion" by John Hartill; 3rd: "Bengal tiger" by Donald Jinks
Merits: "The Sack of Middle England" by Paul Oakley, "Stewarding the Hepworth Gallery" by Fred Price and "Winston's Room" by Jim Price. 
Tuesday 6th September 2016
On our first evening we viewed the images from the Flatford and East Bergholt evening walk. Fifteen people entered images from the evening and members voted for those they liked best in each category.  In the final set there were 4 images from Lana, 3 from Granville, 2 from Kevin and 1 each from Teresa, Malcolm, Gordon, Beverley and Cyril.
See Archived News for previous seasons