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Next Club Meeting:
Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Tonight Sarah Kelman, ARPS DPAGB will be judging the Mersea Island Challenge Trophy Final.
Previous Meetings and other news:

Tuesday 19th March 2019
Peter Espley was the judge for our fourth 3 section competitions, “Panoramic” and “Open” was Mike Cowling ARPS.  The number of entries was low in each section but as usual Peter gave some amusing comments as well as useful feedback and advice about the images.  The results were:
Deben - set subject:
1st: "Homeward Bound” by Anthony Corkhill; 2nd: "Cape Buffalo at the Waterhole" by Wendy Mann; 3rd: "Town Hall Square, Tallinn” by Anthony Corkhill.
Merits: “Storm Clouds, Woodbridge” by Brian Goad.  
Stour - set subject:
1st: "Felixstowe Pier" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "Panoramic Greenwich (globe)" by Wendy Mann; 3rd: "Beach Scene" by Malcolm Bumstead.  
Merits: "Hermit’s Cottage" by Granville Foulger and “Remembrance, Stowmarket Church” by Jim Price.  
Shortlisted: “Helicopter hovering” by Kevin Marrable, “Herring gull” by Teresa Marrable, “Hurt” by Paul Oakley, “Hoopoe” by Fred Price
Orwell - open subject:
1st: "Red Cross Nurse" by Fred Price; 2nd: "Forging a Shoe” by Wendy Mann; 3rd: "Alone" by Fred Price.  
Merits: "Home to Roost" by Brian Goad and “The “floating” Torri Gate, Itsukushime shrine” by Anthony Corkhill.
Thursday 7th March
Felixstowe Photographic Society hosted this year’s Suffolk Rose Bowl interclub competition between East Ipswich Camera Club, Felixstowe and Wickham Market Photographic Club.  Harold Mousley, LRPS AFIAP judged the competition and gave some very good feedback for both prints and digital images from all three clubs.  The result was close again this year with East Ipswich winning the Rose Bowl with 295 points.  Felixstowe were in second place with 293 points and Wickham Market in third place with 273 points.  The awards for both best print and best digital image went to members of Felixstowe PS.

Tuesday 5th March 2019
Peter Norris AFIAP DPAGB BPE4* was the judge for this year’s East Ipswich Challenge which only 12 members entered.  There was a good variety of panels and Peter gave some constructive feedback about the images and how they worked, or didn’t work, as a panel.
The results were:
1st: “Tall Ships” by Wendy Mann, 2nd: “Fruit” by Alan Waters; 3rd: “Tutti Fruity” by Jan Garrett
Merits: “Reflections” by Nick Flores, “95th Rifles Re-enactment at Felixstowe Fort” by David Key and “Daily Ablutions” by Kevin Marrable

Tuesday 19th February 2019
Frank Blyth, CPAGB BPE1* was the judge for our round of this year’s Mersea Island Challenge Trophy.  We were competing against Camborne & Redruth Camera Club, Colchester Photographic Society, North Norfolk Photographic Society, Tonbridge Camera Club and Vale Photographic Club.  Frank gave some good feedback on all the images and we finished our round in joint 3rd place.
Tuesday 5th February 2019
The judge for our third 3 section competitions, “Beginning with the letter H” and “Open” was Mike Cowling ARPS.  Mike gave some helpful feedback about the images.  The results were:
Deben - set subject:
1st: "Hands that do dishes” by Jan Garrett; 2nd: "Hat and heels" by Glynis Preston; 3rd: "Don’t lock horns with me” by Wendy Mann.
Merits: “Hungarian horses” by David Key and “Heron” by Kevin Marrable.  
Stour - set subject:
1st: "Homeless" by Granville Foulger; 2nd: "Harmony" by Nick Flores; 3rd: "Happiness is a thing of beauty and my camera" by Wendy Mann.  
Merits: "High heels and handcuffs" and “Humpty Dumpty” by Malcolm Bumstead.  
Shortlisted: “Helicopter hovering” by Kevin Marrable, “Herring gull” by Teresa Marrable, “Hurt” by Paul Oakley, “Hoopoe” by Fred Price
Orwell - open subject:
1st: "A little muddy" by Wendy Mann; 2nd: "Professor Zachary” by Granville Foulger; 3rd: "Evening Flight" by Brian Goad.
Merits: "A German Soldier" by Granville Foulger, “Evening light, Rutland” by Brian Goad, “Josh” by Andy Mills and “Mo’s last race” by Fred Price
Tuesday 15th January 2019
Aldeburgh was the location for the Picture Trail competition in October 2018.  This year we had 18 members submitted their sets of six digital images which were judged by the club members.  As usual there was a bit of repetition but several people had a different angle on the subjects.  Unfortunately there was an error with the scoring on the night but when re-checked Paul Oakley was the winner again with 1099 points, Wendy Mann was in second place with 1097 points and in third place was Malcolm Bumstead with 1065 points. 

Thursday 6th December
Derek Leak DPAGB BPE3* was the judge at this year’s Ruby Chalice interclub competition which was hosted by Bury St Edmunds PS.  Once again Bury won the trophy, this year by 12 points!  However, Malcolm’s “Time to Turn the Page” gained the award for best DPI.

Tuesday 4th December 2018
The judge for our second 3 section competitions, “Liquid” and “Open” was Brian Carlick LRPS.  Brian gave some helpful feedback about the images and pointed out when the main subject was not “liquid” so would do better in another competition, eg natural history or landscape.  The results were:
Deben - set subject:
1st: "Evening Light” by Granville Foulger; 2nd: "Liquidity of Flight, Starling Murmuration, Brighton " by Wendy Mann; 3rd: "Over the Weir” by Alan Waters.
Merits: “My little mermaid” by Jan Garrett and “Krimml Waterfall” by David Key.  
Shortlisted: “Fountains” by Nick Flores, “GT with Ice-n-Slice” by Andy Mills 
Stour - set subject:
1st: "A Splash of Lemon" by Andy Mills; 2nd: "Ice and a Slice" by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: "Decanter and glasses" by Malcolm Bumstead.  
Merits: "Oilscape" by Moira Ellice, “Supernatural” by Paul Oakley and “Honey on ball” by Kevin Marrable.  
Shortlisted: “After the rain” by Teresa Marrable, “Condensational View of the Palm House” by Moira Ellice
Orwell - open subject:
1st: "Clevedon Pier Sunset" by Jim Price; 2nd: "Out of the bend” by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: "The Joy of a Mudbath" by Wendy Mann.  
Merits: “Olivia” and “Tied up – Tied down” by Ron Parker and “Ceryle Rudis” by Jim Price.  
Shortlisted: “Tunnel Vision” by Nick Flores, “Monster Splash” by Andy Mills and “Who’ll blink first” by Alan Waters
Tuesday 20th November 2018
We had a great evening when Gavin Hoey gave his latest presentation “Camera Alchemy”.  Gavin is a freelance photographer, writer and trainer whose work is regularly featured in photography magazines, websites and videos.  See Gavtrain.com -The place to learn Photography and Photoshop.

Most of our members attended, as well as several visitors from other clubs.  Everyone enjoyed Gavin’s talk and demonstrations, particularly his live portrait demonstration with Beverley as the model.  Gavin wanted everyone to learn something from his talk and hopefully all did.
Tuesday 6th November
We were very pleased to welcome back Christine Hart ARPS DPAGB to judge this year’s Skylark Salver and Creative Eye Trophy competitions.  After commenting on the images and giving some helpful critique, Chrissie gave the following awards:
1st: "Tricholomopsis" by Brian Goad; 2nd: "Chilean Flamingo" by Alan Waters; 3rd "Red Damselfly" by Andy Mills 
Merits: “Tawny Owl” by Zoë Hartill, “A Parcel of Oystercatchers” by Jim Price and “Greenshanks” by Fred Price 
Creative Eye:
1st: "Space Station 34" by Granville Foulger; 2nd: “Walking the Dog in the Wild Wood” by Jim Price; 3rd “Ice Maiden” by Fred Price
Merits: “The Art of Noise” and “Mirror, Mirror” by Malcolm Bumstead, “Minister of Fisheries” and “A Fine Kettle of Fish by Fred Price
Shortlisted: “African Elephant” and “Framed Poppy Print” by Wendy Mann, “Crowd Pleaser” by Teresa Marrable

Tuesday 16th October
Brian Goad gave a talk about how to get photographic distinctions and some other members who had gained distinctions added some advice too.

We had some interesting discussions about the various images of the Orwell Bridge taken recently. This had been a straight from the camera challenge, although some members had included an after/improved image for comparison.
Tuesday 2nd October 2018 
The judge for our first 3 section competitions, “Sport/Action” and “Open” was Michael Lloyd.  Michael gave some very good constructive feedback about the images and the results were:
1st: "Why am I doing this?” by Kevin Marrable; 2nd: "The Sailing Lesson, Lake Annecy" by Vivien Hartill; 3rd: "The Duel” by Alan Waters.  
Merits: “Howzat” by Andy Mills and “No mate, you can’t do the race in a car” by Paul de Boos.  
Shortlisted: “Heads-up” by Andy Mills
1st: "Whoopers coming in to land" by Fred Price; 2nd: "Collapsing the scrum" by Jim Price; 3rd: "After the Race" by Wendy Mann.  
Merits: "Out in Front" by Malcolm Bumstead and “Kendra Harrison leads 100m hurdles” by Fred Price.  
Shortlisted: “No 10 Chasing the Pack” by Malcolm Bumstead, “Jetski Aerobatics” by Vivien Hartill, “In flight” by Donald Jinks, “They're not over the hill yet” by Kevin Marrable and “Wet start to a rainy race” by Paul de Boos
1st: "Timbavati White Lion" by Wendy Mann; 2nd: "Mrs Simpson” by Granville Foulger; 3rd: "Blacksmiths at Work" by Wendy Mann.  
Merits: “Nuclear Beach” by Anthony Corkhill and “Early morning mist, Bempton Cliffs” by Jim Price.  
Shortlisted: “View from Southwold Pier” by Bev de Boos, “Maldon Artist” by Fred Price

Tuesday 18th September 2018
As the scheduled speaker (Alan Sarsby) had had to cancel his talk, we watched “Pastels and More” a recorded lecture by Irene Froy EFIAP, MPAGB, HonPAGP, (FRPS retired) and elected member of the London Salon.  Irene used to do print talks but as she has got older finds it difficult to travel far so has put digital images of her prints onto a CD.  She talked about the images, many of which were taken in Scotland, and how she gave them a pastel effect using a white layer and sometimes airbrushing.
Tuesday 4th September 2018
On our first evening Malcolm gave a helpful short talk about print mounting.  We then viewed the pictures from the Felixstowe Seafront evening walkabout.  Fifteen people entered images from the evening and members voted for those they liked best in each category.  In the final set there were 5 images from Paul Oakley, 2 each from Anthony, Moira and Wendy, 1 each from David, Fred, Jim and Kevin.
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