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Next Club Meeting:
It is with great reluctance that in light of the coronavirus pandemic, East Ipswich Camera Club committee have decided to cancel the next 3 meetings at least.  Therefore we will not be holding meetings on 17th March, 7th April or 21st April.  It is likely that the meetings in May, June and July will also be cancelled.
Previous Meetings and other news:

Tuesday 3rd March
We had a very interactive and fun evening when some of our members brought along their cameras, lighting equipment and items to photograph.  It was great to see the results of people’s efforts without any alterations to the photographs.
Tuesday 18th February
Christine Hart ARPS DPAGB BPE1 was the judge for this year’s East Ipswich Challenge which 13 members entered.  There was a good variety of panels and Chrissie gave some constructive feedback about the images and how they worked, or didn’t work, as a panel.  She also gave some helpful advice on panels in general.
The results were:
1st: “Canalside” by Wendy Mann, 2nd: “Still Life” by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: “Senior Cricketers” by Bruce Tompkins
Merits: “Wild Flowers in Ipswich Parks” by Teresa Marrable, “Southwold out of Season” by Alan Waters
Tuesday 4th February 
Barbie Lindsey EFIAP/s, MPAGB, FBPE was the judge for our round of this year’s Mersea Island Challenge Trophy.  We were competing against Camborne & Redruth Camera Club, Ivybridge Camera Club, Mersea Island Photographic Society, Rochdale Photographic Society and Vale Photographic Club.  Barbie gave some good feedback on all the images and we finished our round in first place.  Five more rounds to go!
Tuesday 21st January
We welcomed back Peter Espley to judge our third 3 section competitions, “Long exposures” and “Open”.  There were not many images, particularly prints, but this gave Peter plenty of time to give some helpful feedback about our prints and digital images and the results were:
1st: " Blowing in the Wind” by Bev de Boos; 2nd: "Beneath the Pier" by Kevin Marrable; 3rd: "Scheveningen at Night” by Vivien Hartill.
Merits: “Evening at Felixstowe Pier” by Paul de Boos.
1st: "Inspired by Turner" by Wendy Mann; 2nd: "Cascade” by Granville Foulger; 3rd: "Under the Boardwalk” by Malcolm Bumstead.
Merits:  "Ghost lorry” by Teresa Marrable. 
1st: "Boatyard at Dusk” by Paul de Boos; 2nd: "Canadian Lakeside Retreat” by Wendy Mann; 3rd: "No. 55" by Wendy Mann.
Tuesday 7th January
Tonight we looked at the sets of images taken at Bury St Edmunds in October for this year’s Picture Trail competition.  This is a competition where members took photographs of various places or things in Bury St Edmunds with the aim of producing a set of six digital images.  The first image had to be of the Cathedral, or something in it, and the last image of something at Bury Market.  The other four images could be of anything else seen whilst we were there.  Members and visitors scored each image in the sets to find a winner plus second and third places.
Kevin Marrable’s set was in first place, Alan Waters’ in second place and Granville Foulger’s set was in third place.
Tuesday 3rd December
The judge for our first 3 section competitions, “Insects or spiders” and “Open” was Roger Winter.  Roger gave some helpful feedback about our prints and digital images and the results were:
1st: "Bee on Devil’s-bit Scabious” by Kevin Marrable; 2nd: "Pieris butterfly" by Vivien Hartill; 3rd: "Broad bodied chaser” by Alan Waters.
Merits: "Bee fly” and “White tailed bumblebee” by Bruce Tompkins
1st: "Brown tailed moth caterpillar" by Jim Price; 2nd: "Dung Beetle at Work" by Wendy Mann; 3rd: "Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly" by Wendy Mann.
Merits: "Large White butterfly" by Kevin Marrable, “Muscus.Domestica” by Andy Matthews and “First instar Green shieldbug eggs & nymphs” by Jim Price.
Shortlisted: “Dragon’s wing” by Andy Matthews and “Greenbottle“by Teresa Marrable
1st: "Pyramid" by Anthony Corkhill; 2nd: "Towering High” by Wendy Mann; 3rd: "Sparrowhawk in evening light" by Jim Price.
Merits: “Dawn Parade” by Bruce Tompkins, “Barcelona bikes” by Nick Flores and “Gondolas” by Malcolm Bumstead 
Shortlisted: “England hold their line” by Jim Price and “Harwich” by Alan Waters
Tuesday 19th November
Tonight, we hosted this year’s “Ruby Chalice”, an interclub competition against Bury St Edmunds Photographic Society.  We were pleased to welcome back Frank Blyth, CPAGB BPE1* to judge the competition as well several members from Bury St Edmunds.  We had a very enjoyable evening and Frank did a great job of judging giving several helpful comments.  
Bury St Edmunds scooped the lot this year winning the trophy as well as both the best print and best digital image awards.  They also managed to win most of the raffle prizes!  Hopefully we can do better next year..
Tuesday 5th November
We were very pleased to welcome back Mike Lloyd to judge this year’s Skylark Salver and Creative Eye Trophy competitions.  Mike had something positive to say about every image, even when he had to point out improvements to be made to some of them.  After commenting on the images and giving some helpful critique, he gave the following awards:
1st: "Hedgehog in Pipe" by Teresa Marrable; 2nd: "Rush Hour at the Waterhole" by Wendy Mann 3rd "Giraffe Portrait" by Wendy Mann
Merits: “Shaggy parasols with shaggy nettles!” by Bev de Boos, “Blue tit fledgling” and “Fly Agaric” by Brian Goad, “Long tailed tit” by Jim Price 
Shortlisted: "Great Crested Grebe with Dinner” by Kevin Marrable and “Fulmars Bonding” by Fred Price
Creative Eye:
1st: "The Top Hat" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: “Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry (repeat)” by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd “Sunrise over the Sea” by Granville Foulger
Merits: “Garden of Dreams” by Granville Foulger, “Pylons” by Wendy Mann, “Fantasy Forest” by Fred Price, “Two frogs and a monkey” and “Headbangers” by Jim Price
Tuesday 15th October
We had an entertaining and informative evening with Alan Sarsby who presented his workshop “Thinking in colour to see in black and white”.  Many of us will think about whether the subject we are looking at will convert well into black and white in future. 

Tuesday 1st October
The judge for our first 3 section competitions, “Abstracts/patterns” and “Open” was David Jordan FRPS.  David shared some of his thoughts and stories with us and gave some good helpful feedback about our work.  The results were:
1st: "Windows and Tiles” by Nick Flores; 2nd: "The Vineyard" by Kevin Marrable; 3rd: "Looking up” by Harold Ward.
Merit: "Boiling point” by Vivien Hartill, “Parliament Building, Valetta, Malta” by Glynis Preston
Shortlisted: “Through the front door” by Bev de Boos, “Topkapi Palace library” by Jan Garret
1st: "Pea Soup" by Malcolm Bumstead; 2nd: "Night Life" by Malcolm Bumstead; 3rd: "Pine Beetle Artwork" by Wendy Mann.
Merit: " We dream of colours borrowed from the Sea" by Tim Dunbavin, “Bubbles” by Andy Mills and “Diamonds” by Nick Flores.
Shortlisted: “Gate Pattern” by Paul de Boos, “Fantasia” by Granville Foulger, “The Centre” by Kevin Marrable
1st: "Red Kite" by Alan Waters; 2nd: "Sandscape” by Anthony Corkhill; 3rd: "That’s lunch sorted" by Kevin Marrable.
Merits: “Unlimited growth increases the divide” and “Tugging at a heartstring” by Wendy Mann.
Shortlisted: “The wood in the hole” by Malcolm Bumstead, “Heaval” by Anthony Corkhill  and “Hoverfly” by Fred Price

Tuesday 17th September
Although we had a very small turn out for our advice and discussion session it was a good evening with most people joining the discussions.  Several members said they learned at least one new thing.

Tuesday 3rd September 2019
It was good to see quite a few of our members and several guests on the first night of our 2019-20 season.  We viewed the pictures from our Hadleigh evening walkabout which we held at the end of July.  Thirteen people entered images from the evening and members voted for those they liked best in each category.  In the final set produced from the ones with most votes in each section there were 3 images from Granville, 2 each from Beverley, Paul Oakley and Tim Dunbavin, 1 each from Alan Waters, Paul de Boos, Donald, Fred, Kevin and Teresa.

01.  The War Memorial - Tim Dunbavin
02.  The Hadleigh Sheep - Teresa Marrable
03.  Cast iron beams and deck plates from Hadleigh iron bridge - Alan Waters
04.  Chimneys - Granville Foulger
05.  Roofs or parts of roofs -Granville Foulger
06.  Walls - Beverley de Boos
07.  Windows or doors - Paul Oakley
08.  The Deanery tower - Kevin Marrable
09.  The Town Hall and Guildhall - Fred Price
10.  St Marys Church - Donald Jinks
11.  Topplesfield Bridge - Paul de Boos
12.  The river Brett - Paul Oakley
13.  Plant life - Tim Dunbavin
14.  Something red - Granville Foulger
15.  Stonework - Beverley de Boos
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